What to do if You’re Missing Work Because of an Injury

Are you missing work because of an injury? One thing to know is to document your injury, your daily improvements, your daily struggle from the injury. Take note of your witnesses knowing that they are behind you and willing to talk if questioned. Take daily pictures. Most important, if you plan to make a claim, do not talk to anyone except your houston personal injury attorney about the details of the case. You do not want your information being twisted around that can interrupt your case, or drag it out longer than necessary. Did you know that you are legally entitled to receive compensation for your injury. That employers are responsible to have insurance to compensate employees who suffer from injury? Now is the time to contact the work injury attorney, Lapeze & Johns PLLC Trial Attorneys online where you can complete a form on the website or call 713.352.7767 to speak direct to a representative today. This team is well experienced in many types of injuries and are ready to fight and defend you as their client.

Lapeze & Johns have won may cases in the State and Federal Courts. They are the most successful Trial work injury attorneys in the country. When other attorneys see they are up against this Houston team, they know it can be a battle. This trial attorney team, are not only a lawyer to you, they become your friend, they know you the clients by name. They take the time to know your you and your family, but most of all your case. So know when contacting one of these Houston injury lawyer s you will begin to feel relaxed as they take your case to the limits.

Once you contact Lapeze & Johns they will evaluate your story and review it to see if you have a case or not. Once confirmed, there is no fee up front, no monies to be paid to these gentlemen until your case is won and they get the monies you deserve. Their goal is to make the legal process as pain free and smooth as possible. They want to help you gain the compensation you and your family deserve.

When you call Lapeze & Johns, they may be in court, but they will return your calls and or answer your emails. They will keep open communication with you the client to daily results they come across so that you are not in the dark. They want you to know that there is always an open communication line open between them and you as the client.

Are you missing work because of an injury, and its taking away your wages?

Wages that pay the bills, feed your family.

Let the Houston injury lawyer fight for you today.