Managing Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts

Your wedding stress will not end when you say “I do”. You must have a “thank you” note for every wedding gift that you receive. You have to say thank you even if you don’t like the gift that you receive. However, most people find it very difficult to manage their thank you notes. Managing thank you notes for wedding gifts you received is not as difficult as many people think it is.

How to prepare

You should keep in mind the fact that the preparation of the thank you notes is something that should start way before your actual wedding day. You should prepare the thank you notes when you are preparing invitations for your guests. If it’s not possible for you to create the notes at this time, you should keep a list of the guest that you are going to invite to your wedding.

How to track the gifts

On the actual day of your wedding, you will receive a lot of gifts from the people you invited to your wedding. Before opening any of the gifts, you have to write down who the giver of the gift is. Once you have a list that contains all the gifts and the names of the people who gave them, you should find a comfortable place to sit. If you had already prepared the notes, all that you have to do is write the name of the person that sent you a particular gift on the note.

If you had prepared the notes, you will have no choice but prepare each not, one by one. It is always advisable to start writing wedding thank you notes as soon as you receive your first gift. This is because it may be very challenging to prepare all the thank you notes that you want to send in one sitting. Remember, you have to send the thank you notes as soon as possible. In general, people are expected to send thank you notes two week after receiving a gift for the gifts that were given before the wedding day. For the gifts that you received on and after your wedding, you are expected to send thank you notes within a month after coming from your honeymoon.

Your thank note should include something about the gift that you received, and if you choose send along a photograph taken by your 1840 Events Wedding Photos. That is why you have to be careful when preparing the notes to ensure that you send each one of them to the right person. Put a big mark next to the guest name when a thank you not has been successfully delivered.